I am Still a Viking, Vol. 2 Remember, Viking!

Je suis toujours un Viking, Tome 2
Souviens-toi, Viking !

Dominique Lefebvre

FORMAT: 132 x 202
PAGES: 288
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 76 000 approx.
PRICE: 17.90 €
PUBLISHER: Faralonn éditions

The Work

They have escaped the search and found refuge in Paraguay.

Tess and Harald have been living there quietly for many years but, alas, being at peace does not mean they have been forgotten. Men might have given up but not the gods, and especially one of them, Loki, who does not accept a 21st-century woman turning a Viking into a modern man. Wouldn’t it be great be to upset the harmony between them! Even more so if one of them were to lose his or her memory. Who could help them get it back? Saasil, the Native American priestess, or Bera the Dane?

From Paraguay to Nordland, from the north of France to the south, there are so many places where their search for each other and for past memories might lead them.

Can a Viking win against a god? Do they also have to break the thread of life? Sometimes the Vikings are victorious though. Sometimes…

The Author(s)

Christelle Rousseau was born in the Paris region in 1974. She has three sons and has been living in the South of France for almost ten years. She loves writing, history and criminology and has become skilled in the art of chiselling stories into well-crafted, surprising and highly addictive novels.

Key Sales Points

– A tale that blends mythology and current themes with accuracy and rigour.
– An extraordinary, thrilling adventure, worthy of the first volume.
– The author takes a personal interest in Norse and Native American cultures and he shares his knowledge with subtlety and skill in this book.