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Independent French Publishers

Leor Literary agency represents a vast selection of French independent publishers and focuses on high quality books.

Please find below a short introduction to the differente themes and genres in their catalogue, and link to their websites.

Le Temps éditeur publishing is a broad church for anyone who is looking for cheeky, culturally diverse books. This company, founded by seasoned publishers Thierry Jamet and Hélène Dupuis, aims to publish books that can connect people, no matter their age, culture or social background. Leor literary Agency manages the rights of their thriller collection “Noirs premiers” as well as of their Urban Fantasy titles. 

Locus Solus is the perfect publishing house for any reader in search of excellent fiction and non-fiction books, created with a high sense of aesthetic. From their colourful youth literature to mesmerizing Nature books and thoughtful essays, Locus Solus is a talented and ambitious company. Leor literary Agency has as their responsibility the management of their children’s books, illustrated books and essays.

La Pimpante specialises in childrens’s books, made to guide and entertain little ones as they navigate life. With colourful illustrations, dreamlike universes and touching stories, la Pimpante aims to help children grow with their eyes and heart wide open, so that they can develop their imagination, creativity and openness.

Terre de Brume publishing has been creating high-quality fiction books for the last 25 years and specializes in Science Fiction as well as Fantasy. Many of their titles showcase the incredible cultural diversity of the Celtic lands, from Brittany to England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.  

Yoran Embanner publishing is a house dedicated to the promotion and defence of European national minorities. With high-quality dictionaries of rare languages and historical books about cultural minorities in Europe, Yoran Embanner actively advocates for a more culturally sensitive Europe so that no one, no matter where they come from, ever feels left out.

Offering a broad spectrum of titles, Goater is a daring company which never hesitates to speak up about its convictions, promoting an eco-friendlier lifestyle and humane society. With books written in sign language or showcasing the rich background of cultural minorities across the world, such as the Gypsy population and native Americans, Goater aims to be a beacon of light in a world too often clouded by ignorance and individualism.

A Mots Contés publishing specialises in children’s books, proposing richly illustrated titles with a touch of philosophy, so that each child can think about the world in which they live and find their own sensibility along the way.

If you are looking for a book to help you escape your daily life, Inception Editions might have just what you need. Proposing dystopian Science Fiction, action-filled Fantasy and dark Thrillers, Inceptio publishes modern, original titles and takes the reader on a journey they will not forget.

Au Bord des Continents is an independent publishing house located in Brittany, Western France. Its gorgeous illustrated books offer a wonderful journey through the myths and legends of the Celtic lands. From grimoires filled with beautiful plant paintings and adorable familiars to collections of traditional dragon or mermaid tales, Au Bord des Continents aims to produce high quality material that honour the rich culture of Celtic Europe.

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