The publishing houses we represent:

Generalist and committed publishing house.
We sell translation rights for its collections Firts People (trillers) and Urban Fantasy.

Generalist and ambitious publishing house.
We sell translation rights for its collections: Children’s Books, Illustrated Books and Fiction Books.

Children’s books publishing house.
La Pimpante publishes albums that will accompany the child in his learning of life and help to broaden his vision of the world, nurture his imagination, develop his creativity and offer him keys to grow in confidence and eyes wide open.

Fiction publishing house.
Terre de Brume editions has been working for nearly a quarter of a century on literature of the imagination and, in this field, leaves a large place to Celtic countries.

A committed publishing house.
Supportive of national minorities in Europe, Yoran Embanner has specialized in publishing bilingual dictionaries for little-spoken languages. The house also publishes historical books on stateless nations.

Generalist publishing house
Engaged, libertarian, ecological, the house is also generalist: children’s books, novels, essays, illustrated books, historical books…

A mots Contés publishes children’s literature.
Albums, illustrated novels, historical stories, philosophical tales for children.