The role of Leor Literary Agency is to represent and defend the authors’ interests regarding his relationship with the publishers, book shops…

Our services:

  • Assist the author in any work prior to the submission of a manuscript
  • Assist the author in the search for a Publisher suited to his needs
  • Search for all orders and editing proposals that may be suitable for the author
  • Assist and represent the author in any negotiations related to the contracts, establish the terms of the contracts, draft them or ensure their drafting and legality
  • Assist the author in some of his professional travels
  • Assist the author during public demonstrations to which he intervenes (press conferences, festivals, fairs, “signatures”, etc.)
  • Ensure all professional contacts: promotional means, advertising, publishers, etc.
  • Participate in all actions and decisions relating to the preparation, launching and development of the author’s career
  • Ensure the proper execution of contracts and its obligations, including payment deadlines
  • Assist the author of any legal advice

We are constantly looking for new authors, do not hesitate to submit your manuscript via this email address:

Manuscripts can be sent in Word or PDF formats. It must be followed by a cover letter presenting the book and a resume.