As a literary agency, Leor is charged with promoting and defending its authors’ interests whether it means prospecting new career opportunities for them or managing their relationship with their various partners (publishers, bookshops, co-writers, illustrators, producers…).

Authors : Leor Literary Agency will:

  • Help you perfect your manuscript before any submission to a publisher
  • Assist you in the search for a publisher suited to your needs
  • Search for all orders and editing proposals that may be suitable for you
  • Assist and represent you in any negotiations related to your publishing contracts (our team establishes the terms of the contracts, drafts them or ensures their legality)
  • Assist you in some of your business trips
  • Assist you during public events (signing events, press conferences, festivals, fairs, etc.)
  • Handle all professional contacts with publishers, distributers, publicists (etc.)
  • Guide you through all the steps and decisions necessary to the launching and development of your career
  • Ensure the protection of your legal rights of contracts by making sure all the partners comply with the terms of the contracts, including payment deadlines
  • Advise and assist you with any legal issue you might encounter


Leor literary agency is constantly looking for new authors. Do not hesitate to submit your manuscript via this email adress: or via this contact form.


Manuscripts can be sent in PDF formats. It must be followed by a cover letter presenting the book and your personal resume.