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Located in Vannes, Western France, Leor literary agency is a foreign and domestic rights agency. We work on a behalf of a broad group of French publishers and promote their catalogues on the international literary scene.

By selling translation rights on behalf of their clients, our agents aim to promote French excellence across the world and always make sure to remain sharp and frosty as they prospect new deals for publishers as well as writers.

French literature thrives far beyond the country’s borders especially when it comes to children’s books, comics and fiction, a success in which Brittany, Leor’s home region, has a huge part to play.

With very dynamic publishing houses, like Locus Solus, Apogée or la Pimpante, whose ambition and high standards are often welcomed warmly by foreign publishers, Brittany is indeed a very active publishing centre and allows Leor literary agency to promote not only French but also Breton culture.

We will be attending the Frankfurt and London book fairs in 2019 and 2020, during which we will introduce some of our best titles for publishers to discover.

Leor literary agency works on behalf of writers to represent, promote, and defend their work. Whether it means negotiating the terms of contracts, taking care of legal issues or prospecting now opportunities, our team is dedicated to guiding writers through every step of their career, so that they can preserve their relationship with their publisher and focus on what matters most: creative work.

Built by publishers as well as professional writers, Leor prides itself on having an extensive overview of the French literary scene and on being able to provide appropriate counseling for all its partners so that everyone is able to reach common ground.

Please note that although our main office is based in Brittany, Western France, we accept manuscripts from all over the country and even French-speaking territories around the world.